Sunday, March 6, 2016

Inca Cigars Secret Blend Limited Edition

A Cigars Tale

Review by

Nathan D. Hale


Cigar Name: Secret Blend Limited Edition     

Cigar Brand: Inca Cigars  

Wrapper: Peruvian

Binder: Peruvian

Filler: Peruvian

Vitola Reviewed: Tambo 6x50 (Toro)

Strength: Medium-Full

Price: Sample

Visual: As I look over the Peruvian Puro, I note the milk chocolate color. I can even see a very slight red tint at times. There are small veins and a couple of flakey spots.

Cold Aroma: On the wrapper, I smell notes of Leather and nuts. The foot has a sweet tobacco, licorice, and leather aroma. I get plenty of scent of the foot. It gives promise to a flavorful smoking experience.


Cold Draw: After I cut the round cap, I observe saltiness on the cold draw. I attribute that to a cashew taste I get. I am also picking up flavors such as butter and leather. This gives me hope of a complex cigar that will keep me interested and satisfied.

1st Third: Today, I am using my butane lighter to toast and light this Peruvian puro. After I have gotten nice, red amber on the foot, I sit back and take a few draws. I am saturated with some crushed red pepper. Not overpowering as I usually expect at the beginning of some cigars, but instead it’s smooth. I also take in notes of cedar, leather, and a bit of a floral or raspberry somewhere in the background.

2nd Third: I was very surprised here at the second half mark. A quick change to the flavor profile gave me some new flavors to enjoy. Grass popped out at me and was accompanied by hay, CRP and cedar. The grass does take the spotlight, but in an enjoyable way. Later in this third, I started getting breadiness. There are some complexities happening in the blend.


Last Third: Moving into the last third, I still get the grass but begin to pick up a sweet cedar. Earth and coffee notes round out the profile in this third. The Inca Toro started out really close to full, but has calmed down just a touch here at the end. Finishing out the cigar, I take away floral and a sweet grass. I get a bit of a soapiness kind of texture and flavor at the finish.

 Thoughts: The Inca Secret Blend Limited Edition Toro is a complex cigar. A journey of flavors such as crushed red pepper, grass, hay, and cedar gives this Peruvian puro a nice experience. It had a few burn issues as the burn line was seldom even and I had to touch it up. There was plenty of smoke and a very pleasant floral aroma. A lighter gray, flakey ash was present for the duration. Over all, it was a good stick with good flavor and complexity. Thank you to Scott Lear (@cigarknub) for the sticks to review. You can checkout Inca Cigars on their website at


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  1. Once again a brilliant review, Nathan has a style that keeps me coming back to see what I will smoke next