Saturday, February 27, 2016

MBombay Corojo Oscuro Double Corona

A Cigars Tale

Review by

Tony Toland

(Cigar Gent)


Cigar Name: Corojo Oscuro

Cigar Brand: MBombay  

Wrapper: Ecuador

Binder: Ecuador

Filler: Ecuador, Peru & Dominican

Vitola Reviewed: Double Corona (7x52)

Strength: Medium

Price: Samples for review



Visually appealing, beautifully adorned and perfectly constructed, the MBombay Corojo Oscuro, Double Corona is a top shelf cigar. 


This is my 3rd Corojo that I have smoked from MBombay Cigars. I first notice the unmistakable quality and attention to detail in its construction. The Ecuadorian Corojo Oscuro wrapper is smooth, has tiny veins, and almost imperceptible seams. It has an oily, silky texture that reminds me of a perfectly broken in baseball glove. 


The cold aroma is rich, earthy and has a touch of leather and sweetness. At first draw and retro hale my nostrils are flooded with spice and nut. This MBombay Corona came on spicier than the first two I enjoyed. I actually prefer this variation. The first two started with more floral scent, but before the first third is completed, the same pleasant floral scent and flavor makes its appearance.


By the beginning of the 2nd third, the spice has retreated somewhat to give way to more of a mellow creaminess and continues to provide me with that signature floral taste. I purposely did not look into the price of this cigar until I had a chance to review it.  I anticipated a retail cost of 30%-35% higher than it actually sells for. 


The smoke is thick and the burn is almost perfect. I choose not to touch it up. Upon removing the outer band, which is a testament to the attention to detail the creator has paid to this cigar, lies a second, smaller band with the cigar's brand name tastefully inscribed. If you’re getting the feeling that I'm reviewing a piece of art, you wouldn't be entirely wrong. 

I'm now enjoying the last third, and the spice comes back a bit stronger than in the 2nd third. I've removed the 2nd wrapper sporting the MBOMBAY name, and I'm wishing that I was back in the 1st third because this is the last of these gems in my humidor. There will be an order placed for more very soon. 


As I come to the end of this smoking experience, my overall impressions are that this is an ultra-smooth premium cigar. The predominant flavors are spice, floral, and cream with a hint of leather and nut. 


This unique cigar is perfect for the times when you can relax and enjoy it. It would also make an excellent gift for a special occasion and is worthy of any cigar aficionado's collection. 


My wife loves the Indian artwork on the label and the aroma that emanates from the rich smoke. Each one I've smoked, I've had to share with her, so you may want to make sure you're alone when you light up. 


At $10-$13.50 per cigar, depending on the size, it is a must buy. And I would highly recommend a box purchase. 



This cigar was reviewed with a glass of water for my beverage. It also pairs well with pomegranate tea and citrus herbal teas. Select your own pairing and enjoy.  I would like to thank Mel from MBombay Cigars (@mbombaycigars on Twitter) for the sample to review. You can find MBombay Cigars at


My ratings in the 4 categories below are as follows:

Construction / 10

Flavor               / 10

Aroma               / 10

Burn                   /  9

Overall Score  / 9.75




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