Saturday, March 19, 2016

Caldwell Cigar Co. Blind Man's Puff

A Cigars Tale

Review by

Nathan D. Hale


Cigar Name: Blind Man’s Puff   

Cigar Brand: Caldwell Cigars Co.          

Wrapper: Ecuador Habano

Binder: Honduran Criollo

Filler: Dominican, Honduras

Vitola Reviewed: Robusto 5x50

Strength: Medium

Price: $7.50

 Visual:  Upon my inspection, I took note of the brown wrapper. The wrapper had two medium sized veins running down the spine. The seams are tight and almost nonexistent. The cigar is firm with no soft spots at all.

Cold Aroma: Looking at the wrapper, I wonder what I am about to encounter with the aroma. I get notes of leather cedar on the wrapper. After what I got off the wrapper, I would expect much of the same on the foot. However, I got more molasses and dried fruit with the cedar I already experienced.


Cold Draw: The cap has been cut and I take my draws in before lighting. I immediately notice the effortless draw. It is almost too loose. The flavors I pick up here are those of cinnamon, molasses, dried fruit, and earth. All are being mixed well.

1st Third: I have begun toasting this Blind Man’s Puff and start the smoking experience. A couple of puffs in and I pick up black pepper, toast, cedar, and earth. There is plenty of smoke output that is dark and has a slight green tint to it. It has a toasted aroma. As I get to the later part of this third, it smooths out and I begin to pick up some cinnamon.

 2nd Third: I take note of the razor sharp burn line. One of the two veins I noted earlier is causing the ash to lean to one side. There is a flavor change here, and I now get more cedar, bread, cinnamon, a slight floral background with dried fruit and white pepper. The ash hung on past the halfway point and then--in dramatic fashion--dropped off in my lap.


Last Third: As I begin the last third of this cigar, I taste that bread and cinnamon along with a sesame seed, orange citrus, and white pepper on the finish. There is some slight tunneling developing here. The burn is still even and at the end we note flavors of toasted bread, a slight fruitiness, along with a creamy texture.

 Thoughts: Caldwell’s Blind Man’s Puff started out with some solid construction and some good aromas off the wrapper and foot. Once lit, we really started getting some good flavors that melted well together. There is solid complexity and, on occasion, I had to really concentrate on what I was getting. The burn and aromas I was getting were very satisfying. The draw was a bit loose for me, but that was made up for with the smoking experience. If you have a chance, try one and see if you agree with me. Thank you to Robert Ciaschini (@RCiaschini) for the cigar.


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  1. Excellent, as usual, Nate. Gonna have to try it.

  2. Excellent, as usual, Nate. Gonna have to try it.

  3. Great review Nate! Definitely will pick up a five pack and give it a shot. Keep up with the great reviews!