Tuesday, May 10, 2016

MBombay KeSara 585


A Cigars Tale

Review by

Nathan D. Hale


Cigar Name: Kesara         

Cigar Brand: MBombay  

Wrapper: Ecuador

Binder: Ecuador

Filler: Peru, Dominican Republic

Vitola Reviewed: 585 (5x58)

Strength: Medium

Body: Medium +

Price: $16.00

 Visual:  Todays selection presents a light, caramel-colored wrapper with a few small to medium sized veins. The cigar is firm with a singular soft spot near the beginning of the final third. The 585 presents with a closed foot that is kind of cool.


Cold Aroma: As I take in the different aromas from the wrapper, I take note of the leather, graham cracker, slight raisin, and an uncertain spice. After removing a bit of the closed foot I take in the aromas of raisin, dry grass, sweet hay, licorice, and leather.

 Cold Draw: Cutting the cap brings forth the anticipation of what is ahead. I proceed with the cold draw and find cedar, salt, raisin, brown sugar, and a nice cream. I look forward to lighting this guy up.

 1st Third: I light up, and the first thing I notice is the very easy draw. There is no effort here. Some of the initial flavors include black pepper, dried fruit, toast, and smoke. The burn begins dead on through the first third. There is plenty of aromatic smoke, and it is very pleasing.

 2nd Third: As the cigar started out effortless, it has now snugged up a bit and is smoking just right. There is a creamy texture I am enjoying, and the burn continues to be perfect. The ash is a light gray and tight. Notes of toast, citrus (a cross between orange and grapefruit), espresso, white pepper, and cocoa are packed in the 585.


Last Third: Moving into the final third, we are still seeing the great burn. The draw is nice, and the aroma from the smoke is really enjoyable. Here in the last part, I begin finding earth, black pepper, bread, smoke, tobacco, and a touch of raspberry. I admit to having a little trouble with the retro hale as it was a bit stronger that my nose can take, but I was able to pick up black pepper as the primary note throughout the cigar.


Thoughts: I have the pleasure of smoking many of the MBombay blends and have found them to be some fine cigars. The Kesara 585 is no different. Construction that is very, very good; this cigar is of a fantastic quality. The burn was razor sharp, and the smoke production was plentiful. I would have liked for it to be a touch more snug, but after the first third things came along nicely. I usually can retro hale a MBombay cigar, so I am thinking a little something might have been added to pick things up a bit. However, that is just a guess and I have no proof of that. Overall, the Kesara 585 is fine cigar that I would keep several around the humi. I would like to thank Mel (@MBombaycigars) for the samples to review. You can check these cigars and other out at bombaytobak.com.




  1. As always, supers review! Great catch on the grapefruit! 👍😎💨💨

  2. As always, supers review! Great catch on the grapefruit! 👍😎💨💨