Sunday, February 14, 2016

MBombay Mora Salomon


A Cigars Tale

Review by

Nathan D. Hale


Cigar Name: Mora Salomon            

Cigar Brand: MBombay  

Wrapper: Dominican

Binder: Ecuador

Filler: Ecuador, Peru & Dominican

Vitola Reviewed: Salomon (6x58)

Strength: Medium-Full

Price: Samples for review          


Upon visual inspection of MBombays Mora Salomon, I take note of the oily, milk chocolate wrapper. The wrapper has small, tiny veins with the seams being tight and almost nonexistent. The cigar is on the firm side of just right and, as with all MBombay cigars I have smoked, is very well constructed. 

Cold Aroma:

As we move along and continue examining this cigar, I take note that the wrapper isn’t very aromatic, but do get some leather and graham crackers. The foot is a different story. It is very aromatic and I get notes of sweet hay, raisin, and dark chocolate.

Cold Draw:

After cutting the cap, I take a draw and immediately note the effortless draw. Not being too loose, but just where it needs to be. The raisin from the foot is present here, along with the graham cracker from the wrapper.

1st Third:

After lighting the Mora Salomon and taking a puff, I am hit with a fuller flavor and stronger strength than I expected. Not in a bad way, but a good way. Spice, a pepper I will call crushed red pepper, but taste hints of black pepper as well. There is cedar and a sweetness I am having trouble nailing down. Not the graham cracker from before, but something sweet. Maybe the remnants of the raisin we picked up before. The texture is very creamy and very smooth.

2nd Third:

The transition into the second third has some surprises. Cocoa, hazelnut, some slight black pepper, and a faint dark chocolate are present. I do take note of an underlying earthiness. All of these make for something very interesting, maybe special. Later in this third, I start to pick up more of the hazelnut and cocoa. A mellowing out has occurred, and the strength is down to a fuller medium. The ash is light to medium gray and the burn line is perfect. The aroma is floral, and there is plenty of smoke.

Last Third:

If you are a dark chocolate fan then you are in heaven right now. The final third has that dark chocolate at the point. It is followed by cocoa and toast. There is a slight bitterness that one would expect with dark chocolate. The finish is very smooth with cocoa with some hay, and we are sitting pretty with a medium strength finish. I do note here at the end, the cigar has become a little soft. There is a huge flavor profile in this cigar.


I’m not sure where to begin. This cigar is probably one of, if not, the most complex cigar I have ever smoked. I found myself having trouble distinguishing the flavor profiles I was getting. I believe that this is a cigar for everyone, but a seasoned pallet would really get a kick out of its complexity. A very aromatic cigar, which is a theme I consistently see in the MBombay brand. As I look back at this experience, I think about what I can compare this experience to. My thoughts are drawn to eating dark chocolate or having some sort of mocha latté.
Bottom line, the Mora Salomon is a top shelf cigar that everyone can enjoy. From the construction of the cigar to its flavors and complexity. I would love to see what this cigar has in store with some aging behind it. This is a cigar that everyone can appreciate. As I have said before, It takes a lot for me to recommend a box (or can) purchase, that being said , this is one I recommend getting.

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  1. Another fine review, I've smoked a number of MBombay cigars. Really like most, I'll have to try this one

  2. Another fine cigar by MBombay that I'll have to try, Mr. hale paints a picture with words