Monday, January 25, 2016

Percy Ray


A Cigars Tale

Review by

Nathan D. Hale


Cigar Name: Percy Ray    

Cigar Brand: Percy Ray Cigars

Wrapper: Dark Cameroon    

Binder: Jalapa Nicaragua  

Filler: Jalapa and Esteli, Nicaragua

Vitola Reviewed: Toro 6x50                  

Strength: Medium-Full                

Price: $9.00                                    



This tale begins looking over the dark Cameroon wrapper that has a caramel color. The seams are tight and almost nonexistent. There is a slight oily sheen to the wrapper, and the cap is affixed perfect and smooth. Something we don’t see a lot of is the closed foot and it is pretty darn cool. It helps keep the flavor in, and it is something that makes a difference as you will notice when you get the first few puffs. The cigar is perfectly firm as a cigar should be in my opinion.

 Cold Aroma:

As I begin the journey exploring the wrappers aromas and nuances, I note leather, coffee and a faint cocoa. Moving down to the loosely closed foot, we pick up what I am calling a dry grass, hay and a maple syrup aroma. It is a desirable aroma and it has me wondering what is ahead.

Cold Draw:

Now that I have cut the cap, I take my first few cold draws. Immediately I get pepper. Black pepper, nuttiness, and a little saltiness that has come off the wrapper. The cold draw is perfect and gives me hope of a good burning cigar.

1st Third:

After lighting, I am immediately hit with black and crushed red pepper. Along for the ride comes an underlying expresso. There is a good amount of smoke, a light gray ash and the draw is perfect. As the cigar started out with a full strength, it has calmed down to medium. Here at the later part of the first third, we start to get coffee with cream and it is becoming very smooth. There is a light floral aroma that is pleasing.

2nd Third:

The transition into the next third has more expresso notes and less pepper. I get some coffee grounds and woodiness, maybe a hickory or oak. With the complexities in this blend, I am having some difficulty nailing down some of the flavor profile. It wants to switch back and forth between the flavors. A compliment to the blending. It is keeping me on my toes. Something is always going on. 

Last Third:

Smooth and easy! That’s what comes to mind right away. It’s all coming together now. The pepper has backed off, and the woodiness has become more prominent. Leather, coffee and cream are all present now. The texture has become thicker and creamier. This part reminds me of a dessert coffee right after a nice dinner. Here at the end it, jumps up to full and cocoa finishes this cigar flavor profile out.


Percy Ray is full of complexity, flavor and character. From pepper, oak and hay to coffee, cream and maple, there is something in this cigar that everyone will like. Starting with a pop and ending with a smooth experience, for only $90.00 for a 10-count box, everyone should have Percy Ray in their humidor. Great job by Nate McIntyre


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