Saturday, February 27, 2016

Flor de Florez Maduro Maduro


A Cigars Tale

Review by

Nathan D. Hale


Cigar Name: Maduro Maduro  

Cigar Brand: Flor de Florez        

Wrapper: Mexico

Binder: Peru

Filler: Dominican, Nicaragua

Vitola Reviewed: Robusto

Strength: Medium

Price: Sample

Visual:  The visual inspection is the glamor. This is what you first see. You will look at a cigar wrapper and immediately have an impression of the cigar. So wrappers play a big part of the cigar in many ways. The Maduro Maduro has that chocolatey brown color to it. There are small veins and seams that are tightly done. It is firm with no soft spots. There are a couple of minor color blemishes on the wrapper.


 Cold Aroma: When I get to examine a cigar for the first time, I enjoy all the little things that we get to take in. The smell of the cigar’s wrapper, foot, and smoke are all parts that contribute to the experience. On this cigar, I pick up notes of coffee and a slight sweetness. The foot has that same coffee along with hay and a faint raisin. There is something about these notes that keep me interested in what is about to come.

 Cold Draw: After cutting the robusto size cigar, I take a draw in hopes of getting a hint of what’s to come. The foot gave us notes of coffee and hay; the cold draw gives us much of the same. However, the notes are more prominent and the raisin is replaced by a mint.  

1st Third: Our experience moves us on to our first third. After toasting our cigar, we take the initial draws and begin the process. I take note of earth, coffee, and a gamey note. I get a clean finish from a kind of zest. There is a darker gray ash and the burn is dead on.

 2nd Third: As we venture into the second third on this cigar, I notice that a change is occurring and it is going in the right direction. I am now picking up a coffee with cream, some dark chocolate, cocoa, and some slight orange spice in the background. A medium strength and body that is very pleasing. The cocoa is really bringing this stick together.

 Last Third: Transitioning into the final third, we pick up a stronger cocoa and more of the orange spice that gives us a good clean zest. The cigar is now a very good, medium body treat. The hints of dark chocolate and hidden complexities really bring it all together.  The finish finishes up with the coffee, dark chocolate, and espresso notes. A very satisfying end to a good cigar.

 Thoughts: We started out this experience with a beautiful wrapper and great aromas. The first part of the cigar was more mild-medium and had me wanting more. Moving into the second part, we got a taste of the potential that could happen. Finally, in the end, we got all we wanted. A good cigar with a cocoa and dark chocolate that is very satisfying. A really enjoyable smoking experience from Flor de Florez. Thank you to Carlos (@florezcigars1 on twitter), for providing the samples and for the opportunity. You can find this cigar and other blends at



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