Monday, January 18, 2016

MBombay Corojo Oscuro


A Cigar’s Tale

Review by

Nathan D. Hale


Cigar Name: Corojo Oscuro       

Cigar Brand: MBombay Cigars              

Wrapper:      Ecuador                  

Binder:          Ecuador                  

Filler:             Ecuador, Peru & Dominican Republic             

Vitola Reviewed: Robusto         

Strength:      Medium      

Price:             $10.00                                 



At first glance you can’t help but notice the very beautiful band on this cigar. Really, on all of their cigars. It is the beginning of this cigar’s story. We continue the story looking over the construction. I am always impressed with their construction. This cigar has a dark chocolate color. The seams are tight and almost nonexistent. The wrapper is smooth and has very few small veins on it. I keep looking for some sort of flaw and I just can’t find one.


Cold Aroma:

As cigar smokers do, I hold the cigar up to my nose and take in the aroma it has to offer. I pick up a sweetness that is accompanied by hay and a woodiness (cedar). The aroma coming off of the wrapper is very pleasant and noticeably good. As I move along to the foot I take note of the delicious coffee notes that come along with a sweetness and hay. So far, things are going very well with this cigar’s tale.

Cold Draw:

Anticipating what is ahead, I cut the cap and begin my presmoke ritual. Taking in the first few cold draws, concentrating on what I am experiencing, I notice first the dark chocolate that is followed up with those great coffee notes. A refreshing feel that is not expected from this combination. I am left with a pleasant memory.

1st Third:

I have lit up and have starting anticipating what is about to come. We are finding some spiciness. Crushed red pepper and dark chocolate notes are the prominent flavors being picked up. There is a cleanness about this first third of this that is nice. There is a medium dark ash that is firm and hanging on nicely.

2nd Third:

Transitioning into the next part of our tale, a creamy texture has developed. Ground coffee, along with a milk chocolate, has transitioned seamlessly into this part of the cigar. I’m still saying this is a medium strength, at least for my pallet, and the burn is even and holding strong. The aroma being produced is fantastic and something that enhances the cigar smoking experience.

Last Third:

This tale is moving into the final chapters and I begin tasting the crushed red pepper return, but it brings along the coffee in a lighter manner. The draw has been perfect, but here at the end I have started fighting to keep it lit. The flavor profile here, and the creamy texture, have brought it all together for a relaxing, and calming finish. It is very tasty and I am enjoying how this story has come to an end.

Final Thoughts:

Mel has done a fantastic job with this cigar. From the great construction to the delightful aroma, good things are happening in this cigar and with the company as a whole. Smoking the Corojo Oscuro has been very pleasant, thanks to the fantastic flavor profile and balance to the construction and aroma. Except for the end where I had trouble keeping it lit, this cigar was flawless. There is a prize winner here, and I look forward to my next experience and will be keeping a few in my humidor or even a box!


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