Monday, January 18, 2016

MBombay Habano Corona

A Cigar’s Tale


review by

Nathan D. Hale


Cigar Name: Habano Corona                

Cigar Brand: MBombay Cigars              

Wrapper: Ecuador                  

Binder: Ecuador                  

Filler: Nicaragua & Peru 

Vitola Reviewed: 5.5”x 43          

Strength: Mild-Medium                    

Price: Sample provided for review                  



Our tale begins as I look over this cigar from Mel & Ron at MBombay Cigars, I take note of it being very well constructed. The darker caramel-colored wrapper is firm with very clean, tight seams. There are some small veins, and the wrapper is smooth to the touch. A little eye candy going on with the band as it is very well done.

Cold Aroma:

The next part of the tale gives us some hints of Graham Cracker and a mintish scent on the wrapper I’m not used to, but happy to experience here. That is something new to me. The mint is in the background and not prominent; it gives a feeling of freshness. At the foot I notice that same graham cracker, but a cashew is mixed in there with it. It all blends well together.


Cold Draw:

As we continue with our story we move on with cutting the cap and taking in some of the cold draw and start to get an effect and a feel of what is to come. There is that graham cracker again, giving off the sweetness we are getting. We are also taking in some nuttiness that is balancing. The cold draw is promising.

1st Third:

After lighting up, I take my first draws and immediately get some mild white and green pepper flavors. There is still a sweetness that I believe is that graham cracker laying around at the base of the blend. I’m also getting a little saltiness from the wrapper and there is a dark, gray ash being produced. Something that is just standing out to me is the smoke. The smoke production here is not much, but the aroma coming off is fantastic. This is a very aromatic cigar for sure. I find it very pleasing. Through the first third the burn has been even and consistent which is a credit to the supurb construction.

2nd Third:

Our transition into the next part of the tale gives us a very clean woodiness. A light leather and nuttiness comes along for the ride as well. The ash is tight, and I finally had to remove it at about two inches to insure I was getting the intended flavor profile. There is a greater smoke output here, and I am now saying we are at a straight medium strength. This cigar is a bit snug for my taste and I hope it will loosen up moving forward. There is some more sweetness on the backend and I am getting a little creaminess in the texture. I am also starting to detect some crushed red pepper. A very nice caramel aroma is being produced here. Very pleasing!

Last Third:

As our story takes a turn, things begin to calm down. There are some notes of leather, wood and a nutty spice. The snugness has started to loosen here toward the end and I am starting to get some dried fruit on my pallet. We begin to see how all of this comes together.

Final Thoughts:

There are a lot of things happening in this cigar. A lot of complexity. I never got anything that was bold, but the overall lightness, along with the complexity makes for a balanced cigar. There is always something going on for you to take notice of. It was on the snug side for me and at times I did have to fight to keep it lit. Overall though, this is a very good cigar. Better than good! I have yet to find an MBombay cigar I did not like or would not buy. I look forward to their next lines.

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