Monday, January 4, 2016

HaVe Cigars Rosado

A Cigars Tale

Review by

Nathan D. Hale


Cigar Name:             Rosado         

Cigar Brand:            HaVe Cigars 

Wrapper:                 Nicaraguan

Binder:                      Nicaraguan

Filler:                         Nicaraguan

Vitola Reviewed:   Robusto       

Strength:                  Medium

Price:                         Samples for review           


This is my first Rosado wrapper cigar. I was intrigued by the reddish tint. Looking over the cigar, I examined the construction. Firm, not too firm, but firm. The seams are tight and hardly present. There are some veins but barely noticeable. There is a coarse texture to the wrapper, and I can’t find any visible flaws.

Cold Aroma:

We all have our own prelighting ritual. Doing reviews, I try to be very thorough in what I do. Here, I sniff along the cigar and take note of some spice and maybe a licorice. It’s when I move to the foot that licorice is confirmed, and I pick up cedar and an earthiness. The profile I am picking up is fun, and I am looking forward to smoking this cigar.

Cold Draw:

I always enjoy the part where I have cut the cigar and I go for a cold draw. The wrapper has a taste that is almost always different than what you will encounter on the cold draw. In this instance, the wrapper has a slight salty taste to it. It goes very well with the cold draw, where I get some nuttiness and pepper. The draw here is slightly tighter than I prefer.

1st Third:

I have cut the cigar and am lighting away. After my first few puffs, I am noticing the cedar and a pleasing crushed red pepper. There is a tangy undertone that I want to say is that licorice I have mentioned before. But its faint. The draw is still snug for me, and the burn line is off. Spoiler Alert! They both correct shortly.

2nd Third:

The ash started out a dark gray but transitioned into a lighter gray moving into the second third. It’s here that the CRP starts to take a backseat and coffee makes an entrance. I also get a little black pepper with that licorice hanging out in the background. The aroma is fantastic, and the draw has loosened up nicely. As we move to the latter part, there is a freshness and cleanness that is coming about. We are sitting at a medium strength, and I am really getting into this cigar.

Last Third:

Smooth! Things have really mellowed out. We are now getting lighter on the pepper, and the coffee and now an earthiness have taken up shop. Let’s not forget that licorice hanging around. I find myself not wanting this story to come to an end.


HaVe Cigars has a good thing going. Their construction is fantastic, and the smoking experience is phenomenal. In the beginning there was a little conflict with the draw and the burn, but the story quickly turned and both were corrected. The CRP and cedar we started with began to transform into delightful coffee and little bit of black pepper. The story moves on with a twist, and we get a smooth final chapter that is calming with that coffee and earthiness that brings all the complexities back home. Let’s not forget our friend along the way that provided a fresh, clean feeling: the licorice. All these complexities and all these chapters come together at the end to close out the story. It left me looking for the next cigar from HaVe Cigars.
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