Monday, January 4, 2016

HaVe Cigars Sungrown

A Cigar’s Tale


Nathan D. Hale

Cigar Name:            Sungrown Habano

Cigar Brand:            HaVe Cigar

Wrapper:                  Nicaraguan Habano

Binder:                      Nicaraguan

Filler:                         Nicaraguan

Vitola Reviewed:   Robusto

Strength:                  Medium-Full

Price:                         Sample    



As I look over this cigar, I can’t help but take notice how good it looks and how well it is constructed. The seams are tight. The veins are small and few. I see no imperfections on it at all. As I hold it, I note how firm it is. It is not hard but just at the right side of firm.


Cold Aroma:

As I smell of the wrapper, I note a very mild aroma. I notice a sweet, leathery scent. As I move on to the foot, stronger aromas come out. I can detect some sweetness that I will call molasses and an earthiness. Very pleasant!

Cold Draw:

A lot of stuff is going on here. I immediately taste some sweetness and saltiness. There is an earthy base that is layered with molasses, roasted nuts and some spice. The draw is right at perfect for me.


1st Third:

Immediately there is good stuff going on. My attention is right on the spice (CRP). There is a base earthiness that brings along some cedar tones. Very interesting, good flavors are happening. The draw is right on and there is a slight burn in the throat. I get medium-full strength, and it is full of good flavor. The ash is firm and has a lighter gray color. There is a very good balance between smooth and strength. As it has lots of flavor, the smoothness really makes it desirable.

 2nd Third:

As I move into the next phase, the cigar begins to really smooth out. There is more sweetness here, along with a breadiness. Kind of reminds me of sourdough bread, with a little spice. The sweetness has a trace of citrus to it as well. It is here, at the halfway point, the ash falls. It hung in there for a good while.


Last Third:

This is where things really come together. I have said throughout that there was a base woodiness. Well, it’s still here. However, new flavors and tastes have come around. A coffee bean flavor infused in that cedar, layered in with that citrus, is refreshing on the palate. It really comes together and reminds me of hot apple cider. That breadiness is a bit stronger, but it’s more on the backend.


Final Thoughts:

It’s been a while since I jogged. I would start out with a lot of intensity. As I got used to the physical exertion, I would start to get more comfortable with it. Finally, things just clicked and it all came together. Jogging! That is what this cigar reminds me of. At first, the spice and strength came at me. After I got into the next phase, things started to mellow out with sweet breadiness. Finally, a refreshing and enjoyable flavor mix came about with the coffee and cider that made it all worthwhile. I really enjoyed this cigar. Its complexity kept me on my toes, and I look forward to having a few in my humidor.




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