Sunday, November 22, 2015

The Inkwell by Sawtelle Cigars

A Cigar’s Tale Review


Cigar Name:     The Inkwell

Cigar Brand:     Sawtelle Cigars

Wrapper:     Undisclosed

Binder:     Undisclosed

Filler:    Undisclosed

Vitola Reviewed:     Torpedo, Box-Pressed

Strength:     Medium, Medium-Full

Price:     5-Pack $35.00


Studying the construction, I take note of the oily wrapper. The seams are tight and even, and there are small veins that are consistent with most cigars. The box-press brings sharp corners to this torpedo vitola. The cigar reviewed had one very minor flaw on a corner due to the box-pressing procedure; however, none of the others I received in my 5-pack had this flaw.

Cold Aroma:

Smelling the wrapper, I note a primary woodiness that is seconded by hay and slight sweetness I’m calling molasses. This combination has me excited about what I will be finding once I light this stick. These aromas have me intrigued. As I move to the foot, I detect more of the hay and barnyard in the background and still a slight sweetness.

Cold Draw:

Immediately when I take my first draw, I note a very nice butteriness and smoothness (creamy) with hints of leather. I don’t recall ever having a stick with such a buttery taste and creamy texture. This is something I am not used to, but I am pleasantly surprised. The cold draw hints at oak and references back to the woodiness of the base. These flavors and textures are surprising as they are not what I was expecting, and add very nice attribute with this cold draw flavor profile.

1st Third:

Immediately I am hit with the woodiness that is now defined as oak. The oak is prominent, followed by leather and the before-adored butter. The creamy texture I was getting from the cold draw is still there and is something I like.  The stick begins with a medium-full strength and a very even burn. The construction on this stick is very good. Just the right draw strength for me, and it is at my optimum draw strength. The ash is interesting as it is mixed with light, medium and dark grays. My first ash fell at about the one inch mark and each inch to inch and a half after that.

2nd Third:

As I move into the second third of this stick, I note a change. The strength has mellowed down to medium and is really smooth. I am in full relaxation mode. The oak isn’t as prominent, and breadiness has taken over. The bread, along with butter and a hint of sweetness--a kind of banana/molasses flavoring--makes for a very interesting stick. Adding that to the leather in the background makes a meatier third. The smoke and aroma are really pleasant.

Last Third:

Entering the last third, I am suddenly hit with a clean cedar flavoring. This is followed up with the same butteriness that has stayed constant throughout this stick. I am amazed at a new texture which has a cheesecake quality. The thickness of this last third is amazing, as the complexity of this stick really starts to come together.  Looking back at the stick as a whole, I have the feeling I am having a meal and this last third is the dessert. It is very rich here, but maintains its smoothness. The strength is still medium and is very pleasant.

Final Thoughts:

As I smoked The Inkwell, I had the feeling I was having a meal. The first third, with its visual appeal, was the appetizer and something I was ready to get into. The second third, or the “meat and potatoes”, gave me the full sensation you get while enjoying a main course. And the last third, the dessert, brought it all together and gave you the treat at the end that sends you away with a smile on your face. Each third offers its own distinct flavor profile. A complete, well balanced stick! Which I would smoke for any occasion. Its complexity offers something for everyone. The beginning came out full but, sticking with it, it calmed down and was a very pleasant stick. I definitely recommend this stick and would keep a box around for any occasion. Sawtelle Cigars has a winner in The Inkwell.

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